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As new, sold for moving. Sideboard / chest of drawers with 6 drawers sailor style, in perfect condition. Price in store 200€ + 45€ shipping, it is currently discontinued. Measures and characteristics in the photos. Pick up in General Peron area.50 € 50 €.
URGENT SALE! 3 seater leather sofa by Maisons du Monde. It is second hand. It has signs of wear and a kind of burned under a cushion (it was already like that when I bought it) but it is very comfortable and elegant! Measures 224x95x90 approx. It goes without the cushions in the photo, but with the original ones that are the color and fabric of the sofa. Urgent sale due to relocation. Available from Saturday! 40 €
***URGE TO SELL*** Good condition – defect on the inside but with the cushion is not seen (cf. last photo) Measures : Height 88 x Width 216 x Depth 86 Very comfortable both the sofa and the bed part (offers a large bed 188 x 140) I sell it for lack of space. Store price 699€ To pick up in Encants area – weighs 68 kgs500 €.
Chest of drawers with 10 drawers by Maisons du Monde, 2017 collection. Bought in Belgium. Discontinued model, you can no longer find it in stores. In very good condition. All drawers work perfectly. Measurements: 85 cm wide; 38 cm deep; 90 cm high. Note: This type of Maisons du Monde furniture is quite difficult to assemble. It took about four hours, because of the huge amount of parts. It is worth buying it used to avoid assembly work. Each drawer has 5 parts, for example.70 €.

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In Casa Decor, you have a new appointment with inspiration. Come and relax in an exuberant, vegetal and tropic atmosphere where the eggplant and green tones, hand in hand with naturalness, will not go unnoticed. Let yourself be surprised by our flora and fauna prints, different shades of wood and silky materials that combine perfectly. From decoration to furniture, nature will subtly appear in your room.
professional Maisons du Monde Team www.maisonsdumonde.comMaisons du Monde 6 Rue Anne de Bretagne. Immeuble Viseo 44120 Vertou +33 2 51 71 55 02 [email protected] www.maisonsdumonde.comConoce to the professional

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El espejo que pedí tardó un tiempo ridículo en ser enviado y aún más en ser producido. El espejo fue encargado alrededor del 11 de diciembre y se esperaba para el 13 de enero, pero llegó a mediados de febrero y estaba astillado, con grandes daños en el exterior del paquete que atravesaban el limitado embalaje que ofrecía poca protección al espejo.
El espejo se ha roto y el exterior del paquete está muy dañado, atravesando el escaso embalaje y ofreciendo poca protección al espejo. El espejo se rompió en diciembre y finalmente llegó tras varios retrasos. El espejo roto sigue en mi casa, y no se puede aceptar ningún reembolso o cambio ya que nadie responde a ningún contacto. Es una pena, veo que el espejo hubiera sido precioso pero parece que, por mi experiencia y la de otros con esta empresa, no salen de Francia en una sola pieza. Y no por el daño, sino por la falta de voluntad de arreglar una experiencia ya frustrante, ignorando completamente al cliente.

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