Passenger Chokes Aboard 3K401.

A New Zealand male passenger sadly choked and died aboard 3K401 Singapore – Auckland operated by A330-200 VH-EBD. The tragedy occurred early in the flight but the decision was taken to continue to Auckland.

VH-EBD Operates Denpasar Extra.

Following yesterday’s JQ37/JQ38 cancellation Airbus A330-200 VH-EBD operated an extra Sydney – Denpasar rotation today as JQ1037/JQ1038.

JetStar A320 VH-VQX JQ630 Sydney Diversion.

Airbus A320 VH-VQX operating JQ630 Avalon –Brisbane was approaching Orange, NSW at 35,000 feet on course for Brisbane when it diverted to Sydney. The same aircraft was able to continue the flight from Sydney to Brisbane. It is unclear whether the diversion was medical or technical.

JetStar Melbourne Fog Diversions.

The following flights diverted this morning due to fog in Melbourne.

JQ8 from Singapore operated by A330-300 VH-EBA diverted to Sydney.

JQ36 from Denpasar operated by A330-300 VH-EBC diverted to Sydney.

JQ156 from Christchurch operated by A320 VH-VGR operated by Adelaide.

JQ431 from Coolangatta operated by A320 VH-VQO diverted to Avalon.

JetStar A330-200 VH-EBB Returns from Maintenance.

A330-300 VH-EBB, under maintenance at Brisbane since 5th August, positioned to Melbourne as JQ7993 this morning but failed to get into Melbourne due to fog and diverted back to Coolangatta.

JetStar New Zealand Snow Cancellation.

The following New Zealand services were cancelled today due to snow:

JQ156 Christchurch – Melbourne

JQ159 Melbourne – Christchurch

JQ245 Auckland – Christchurch

JQ246 Christchurch – Auckland

JQ265 Auckland – Wellington

JQ277 Christchurch – Queenstown

JQ278 Auckland – Queenstown

JQ288 Christchurch – Wellington

JQ289 Wellington – Christchurch.

JetStar Japan Official.

JetStar Japan has been officially announced to be a partnership between QANTAS Group, Japan Airlines and Mitsubishi Group. Services will commence before the end of 2012 with fleet size rapidly expanding to 24 Airbus A320 aircraft.

Orders for 110 Airbus A320s have been announced to be split between JetStar carriers and a new full service airline to be based in Asia.

VH-EBK Technical Issue Causes 3K402/3K401 Cancellations.

Airbus A330-200 VH-EBK arrived into Auckland as scheduled today as 3K401 from Singapore. However a technical problem caused the return 3K402 Auckland – Singapore and tonight’s 3K401 Singapore – Auckland to be cancelled. VH-EBK is expected to be repaired in order to operate 3K402 to Singapore tomorrow.

JetStar New Zealand Snow Cancellations.

Heavy snow in New Zealand caused the cancellation of the following flights today:

JQ156 Christchurch – Melbourne

JQ159 Melbourne – Christchurch

JQ221 Coolangatta – Queenstown

JQ222 Queenstown – Coolangatta

JQ245 Auckland – Christchurch

JQ246 Christchurch – Auckland

JQ276 Queenstown – Christchurch

JQ277 Christchurch – Queenstown

JQ278 Queenstown – Auckland

JQ279 Auckland – Queenstown

JQ280 Queenstown – Christchurch

JQ281 Auckland – Queenstown

JQ282 Dunedin – Auckland

JQ283 Auckland – Dunedin

JQ286 Christchurch – Wellington

JQ287 Wellington – Christchurch

JetStar A330-200 VH-EBF Denpasar Bali Extra.

Airbus A330-200 VH-EBF operated a Melbourne – Denpasar rotation today as JQ1035/JQ1036 following the chain of events that caused JQ35/JQ36 to be cancelled yesterday.

International Cancellations and Extras.

JQ7 Melbourne – Singapore and the return JQ8 are cancelled today.

Instead an extra Melbourne – Bangkok rotation operated as JQ1029/JQ1030 flown by VH-EBF covering yesterday’s cancelled JQ29/JQ30 cancellation.

Meanwhile the JQ35/JQ36 Melbourne – Denpasar rotation was cancelled due firstly to a pilot going sick, secondly due to the replacement pilot’s baggage, including his passport being misplaced an route from Sydney and the two delays combining to mean that the runway at Denpasar would be closed for repairs once the aircraft arrived.

11/08/11 Flight Cancellations.

JQ29 Melbourne – Bangkok and the return JQ30 Bangkok – Melbourne are cancelled today. Presently unconfirmed but we understand a replacement JQ1029/JQ1030 will operate on 12 August.

JetStar Hong Kong.

Reports state the QANTAS Group is in discussions to begin a JetStar operation in Hong Kong to exploit opportunities into China. In order to do so a majority Hong Kong based partner would be required.

JetStar Asia A320 9V-JSL Delivered.

Airbus A320 9V-JSL left Toulouse on delivery today. It is expected to operate to Singapore via the usual Toulouse – Dubai – Singapore routing.

Delayed Hawaii Service Operates as JQ1003.

JQ3 Sydney – Honolulu was cancelled yesterday and was operated today by Airbus A330-200 VH-EBJ as JQ1003. Similarly the return JQ4 will operate 24 hours late as JQ1004.